Bono supports the important mission of institutions large and small to protect,
preserve, and provide access to their collections.
We are proud of our long-term record of service to the National Archives
and other libraries and repositories of our film treasures.

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Save time & effort: To obtain an electronic interactive version of the Item Approval Request List (IARL) 

  • Download a copy from the National Archives. Download the MS Word Doc ( It requires MS Word 2000 to work. 

  • OR contact National Archives via e-mail. A representative will send a blank IARL for your keyboard input.

  • See our notes on How to Order  before filling out the IARL and/or before sending your completed IARL back to us for a bid. Also visit the NARA site for an overview.

  • Recommendation:
    In column #3 of the item approval request list (IARL), please ONLY insert the following statement: "film if avail." This will alert the NARA staff that if a film "I" and an "EI" (electronic intermediate) exist for the same item, they will pull the film "I." Native full bandwidth telecine transferring from the film "I" in high definition and standard definition will always yield the highest quality transfer.

  • Return the completed IARL via e-mail to NARA. Once the IARL is approved, it will be sent via e-mail to you. Then you can send on the approved IARL to us for a prompt bid. Make sure that you specify your preference to receive the approved IARL via e-mail when you contact NARA with your completed IARL.

BonoLabs/Bono Film & Video is authorized by the National Archives to accept orders for records requiring the creation of an intermediate copy. By NARA's definition, an  "intermediate is a copy of an original archival film from which copies are made." Creation of an electronic intermediate is necessary when an item that you wish to have duplicated is designated as "P" during the approval process. Please be aware that NARA's primary goal is to preserve the nations' moving image heritage. NARA is also charged with the task to make the collection accessible to the public and to that end, there is a Research Room at Archives II in College Park where visitors can view reference material. NARA also hosts a virtual Research Room on its website. Using the online search tools clients can input keywords to identify moving image material related to their topic. In addition, the Vendor Lab System was initiated to facilitate the duplication of material for the public for professional productions as well as personal use. 

BonoLabs/Bono Film & Video is an Approved Vendor authorized by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to handle all film and video records that you wish to have duplicated from the collection. Whether you require film-to-film, film-to-video, or video-to-video, our lab can meet your needs in a timely manner. No matter the archival designation or format, we are authorized to accept your order. Therefore, when your Item Approval List is returned to you from NARA with a variety of approval codes (I, P, I2 or P2 ), we can complete your entire order.  To receive an estimate, follow the instructions on the how to order page.

NARA contact information

To obtain an electronic version of the IARL (preferred route for NARA and Bonos)
Phone Number: 301-837-3520

Wondering about the Ordering Process?


Revised: 19 December 2011