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Processing Transfers/Special Video Stock Super 8mm
S8 Prices Transfer Agreement Home Movies

q Reminder: there is a $285.00 minimum on all orders which includes shipping USPS Priority Mail. Taxes for instate Virginia clients are extra.
q Are you sending Regular 8 and/or Super 8mm film, whether newly processed or vintage home movies? 
Use form # 2
Film-to-NTSC transfer service form (for already processed film) - R8, S8, 16mm, S16, or 35mm
q Ready for a high definition transfer of your Super 8mm or Regular 8mm film? Visit our Bonolabs website for details on transferring direct to drive services for MAC and PC platforms.
q Please note: we no longer process (develop) Super 8mm film

Your Home Movie Treasures: Super 8mm or Regular 8mm

Are your priceless family records gathering dust, mildew, or just plain deteriorating?
Save your family records AND enjoy watching them on your TV set.
Have your films inspected, repaired if necessary, compiled onto larger reels, cleaned and transferred on to a videotape master or direct to hard drive.   DVD-R viewing copies can be made.
For full instructions and description of our services read our page on Home Movies.

Super 8mm & Regular 8mm Transfer Costs Overview
This is a Rank telecine transfer; we do NOT use a film chain or projection system. 
For high definition transfers direct to drive, see our Bonolabs Division.

Inspect, clean & prepare for transfer, and film-to-tape transfer to a videotape master (Mini DV, Digital Betacam, DV CAM, DVC Pro, or Beta SP). 

Transfer price is for 18 or 24 frames per second only. Other frame rates will be charged telecine suite time. See direct-to-drive transfer if interested in the "tapeless option."

Rate and stock changes requiring an additional setup on the telecine will be charged an additional $15 per change.

We can transfer audio from Super 8 rolls with magnetic sound for $35 per 400 foot roll.

Film will be returned in new film & reel sets (required). We do not return film to client reels.

$.08 per foot for prep, leadering, compilation and cleaning. 

$35 lab labor for splice replacement & repair as needed

$2.00 slug if you require leadering between each individual roll or to designate a switch between different film stocks.

Transfer cost: $4.10 per minute of runtime.
$85 transfer minimum (under approximately 400 feet of film)

Plus cost of master tape stock and any optional duplication.

Cost of film cans, reels, shipping and handling

  • DVD-R prices depend on running time & choice of video format for the master as well as the number of and type of viewing copies that you may wish.

  • We do NOT accept any video tapes provided by customer for these services.

  • We do not dub music or other copyrighted material onto the tapes nor do we add titling.

  • We do label your videotapes and DVD-R discs. Please let us know if you want the labels to state something specific, such as "Mel and Mary's Wedding."

  • For information on DVD-R production, review our DVD-R page.

16mm Home Movie Transfer: see our film-to-tape transfer section.

Revised  July 2010